Blog #7: 10 Reasons why the TERA is the Future

TERA Mars Habitat.

AI SpaceFactory’s TERA designs were originally meant for Mars, but they’ve realized that its benefits can also be applied to Earth as well.

  1. It’s built with 3D printing technology.
  2. It’s renewable and sustainable and uses compostable materials biopolymer basalt composite, which is derived from from crops like corn and sugar cane.
  3. It has a gorgeous and exquisite volumes. Models start from the Tera-Mini (350 sqft.) with 1.5 floors, Tera (500 sqft.) with 2 floors, Astra (800 sqft.) with 3 floors, and the largest model, the Evo which boosts of spaces greater than 1000 sqft.
  4. Its interior has an open floor plan and is natural, reminiscent of a treehouse, and built from poplar and birch.
  5. It’s endorsed by NASA, and it also has the potential to be used on Mars.
  6. It’s 50% stronger and more durable than concrete.
  7. It’s also more sustainable than the traditional steel and concrete.
  8. It could reduce the material and energy waste that’s typically associated with the building construction industry, and could potentially revolutionize the construction industry.
  9. It uses LED lighting and harnesses daylight to reduce lighting needs and air circulation.
  10. Best of all, once it’s demolished, its exterior hard shell can recycled and reused multiple times. After it can no longer be recycled, the exterior shell can be composted.


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