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Blog #20: 18 of the Most Influential African Women in the AEC World

In honor of Women’s History Month, and the ensuing celebration, I am highlighting 18 African woman leaders in the architecture, construction and infrastructure industries. Agnes Kalibata || CEO, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa Amani Abou-Zeid (H.E Dr.) || Commissioner for Infrastructure Energy, African Union Eghosa Oriaikhi Mabhena || CEO, Puma Energy Africa HalimaContinue reading “Blog #20: 18 of the Most Influential African Women in the AEC World”

Blog #19 9 Professional Associations for Women in Construction

This week, in the United States, Women in Construction are being recognized and celebrated. This is a National Association of Women in Construction-led (NAWIC) event. This year’s theme is to “Connect, Collaborate, Construct”. In other to connect and collaborate, we need to find communities of like minded people who want to do the same. SoContinue reading “Blog #19 9 Professional Associations for Women in Construction”

Blog #18: Benin City’s Historic, Amazing Earthern Walls

From 800AD to 1460AD, Benin City built defensive walls, with a combination of ramparts and moats. The ramparts were up to 66 feet high, and covered 9,950 miles, and an area is 2,317 square miles. It was considered the world’s largest earthwork, constructed of a ditch and dike structure. It was recorded in the GuinnessContinue reading “Blog #18: Benin City’s Historic, Amazing Earthern Walls”

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