Blog#5: What Does It Mean to Be An AfroBuilder?

How can you be a local champion?

One of my parents’ dream for me is to become a medical doctor, in order to be financially secure and become, and I quote, “a local champion”. You may be aware of what this means, if you grew up in a similar background or in the type of family I grew up in, where the only acceptable job aspirations are to be: a medical doctor, lawyer or engineer. Often, this kind of high expectations are placed on you if your family is African, or from the Caribbean, or Asian.

What Does Being An AfroBuilder Mean To Me?

I have had to redesign that dream for myself. Yes, I have chosen an entrepreneur to build my financial future, as well as to help my community by helping building social infrastructure, such as housing, schools, libraries, universities, hospitals, hotels, and banks, etc. As well as urban planning elements like passenger bridges, investing in growing nutritious foods locally, and provide opportunities to children, youth, and women.

I think women should be exposed to how rewarding and lucrative a career in construction and construction management would be. I’m eager to help advocate for that.

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